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Glamour magazine has always held a special place in my heart. Just like most people in the UK, when I started my second year of A levels, I was getting question regularly about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and what I was going to be doing in uni. At this point I had been studying modern history, statistic maths, welsh, and psychology. And honestly, I didn't see myself doing any of these things.

Bullet Journal: Stationery Essentials for Beginners

I have been interested in starting a bullet journal for nearly six months now, mainly because no planner I have ever had has all the components I desire. So this September I started my bullet journal, and since have figured out what stationery I find necessary to make mine the way I want. Also little disclaimer, I wish I could justify spending my student loan on all the amazing fineliners out there, but unfortunately I am on a smaller budget.


When first starting blogging, or when you want to improve your photography, I think it can be hard trying to think of blog props to use. And lets face it, lots of us don't have loads of money to spend on things to be in our photographs. So today I thought I'd share what blog props I have picked up over the past year, as well as talking about making the most out of what you already have.