Thursday, 18 May 2017


One of the most stressful parts about uni is the workload, particularly at the end of the semester. The twelve weeks of contact hours are slowly running out, and at the end looms what seems like hundreds of deadlines, and weeks of stress. And if you are overly dramatic like me, every time deadlines and exams are approaching, I always begin to ask myself "why am I in uni?" or "I've done a year, can I drop out now?". A discussion that comes up quite regularly when I am in uni is the workload of the different courses and which has the most work to do. Honestly, this normally happens when people on different courses start arguing over who has the most work to do, although I'm not quite sure why you would want to be on the winning side of that argument! So I can only talk about my degree, and being stressed out me, I'm going to do it the best way I know how... with some Gilmore Girls gifs!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Throughout the end of March until today (when I finally finish second year), I have been super busy and have been distant from the blogging world a little. However, as breaks in my revision, I have been reading some posts to escape from the excitement that is journalism law. So I have compiled a shorter list than usual, but here are some blog posts I loved reading this month!


 If you haven't seen this post by Holly, definitely go and have a look. It is the most magical cheesecake I have ever seen in my life, and as soon as I saw the snapchats whilst she was making it, I was so excited to see the final product and it definitely didn't disappoint! And because I don't eat dairy, it made me so happy to see this recipe.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


Moving to uni was, and I'm sure is to everyone, a really nerve wrecking time for me. I was so anxious about meeting new people, but so excited at the same time. But I can hands down say I've met some pretty amazing people since living in Bristol. And people I can be 100% myself around (let's put it this way - many High School Musical performances have happened). In halls, I was pretty close with two of my flat mates, and spent most of my evenings just hanging out watching films and commentating whilst the boys played Fifa (and failing at teaching me how to play). 

Sunday, 23 April 2017


Apart from writing my posts, I do the majority of all the other things for blogging via my phone, as I assume lots of people do! I rely so heavily on these apps, and think they are great for bloggers to have on the go, so I decided to create a list of apps that every blogger should have!


 If you are anything like me, twitter is the platform that I use the most for blogging. I use it to share my posts, to communicate with other bloggers, and to interact in blogger chats. Without twitter and the other bloggers I met through it, I definitely believe I wouldn't still be creating content. Yes, occasionally there is drama, but if you avoid that part, there's actually a really supportive community!

Sunday, 16 April 2017


University, and university life, is so expensive, and living independently and being in charge of your finances for the first time can be quite difficult. I thought about how I wanted to write this post for a while, and decided the best way would be a do's and don'ts list. I think the most important things are to not be too obsessive, but be aware of your financial state. And to remember that you shouldn't hold back from social things due to money. But here is a list of my financial do's and don'ts:

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and my outlook, everyone is in a different situation when it comes to money in university, so may disagree.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Another month has come and gone, and we are already a quarter way through 2017! I honestly feel like I've managed to neglect my blog and social media since January, but uni has rightly taken priority. Because of this though, I really hope when I'm completely finished on May 3rd, I can spend lots of time getting everything the way I want it, and spending more time and energy on here.